Company information

The tannery started it's operations in 1853, thus Aarenes Lærfabrikk is considered to be one of the oldest,
if not even the eldest company in Flekkefjord.

Today the shrunken grain leather for bags, upholstery leather and the impregnated shoe upper leather are the most
importent products the factory produces.  The tannery uses almost exclusively Scandinavian rawhides, which are
often described as the best in the world.

The company has succeeded by using goos raw hides to develope leather products  of very high quality.
Production can process up to 900 oxehides each day.

Aarenes leather products have an excellent reputation in the global market, and is supplied mainly to manufactures
in the USA and in Europe.

Some of our most valued customers include Dooney & Bourke Inc. and Sebago in the USA, and  Hermes in France.
Export is calculated to be around 90% of our business.

The factory boasts a modern array of both production and technical equipment all maintained in top condition.

All the leather is tested in our laboratory to ensure quality and spesifications are maintained.  The tannery can
produce leather in all desired colours.

Production, administration and clerical systems are all computer co-ordinated.

The effluent from production is processed in our own chemical treatment plant before it is released to the local
sewage treatment plant..

In other words,  Aarenes is a company that is well prepared to meet the futurein a trade known for its hard competition..

For further information about our company or production and products, contact Andreas Möller (